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New Stories Added January 13th, 2000!

Beneath the Leaves (Minor MA, MSR, UST, H, Mulder POV) Some
unexpected closeness derails an attempt to tail a suspect.

Bounded In A Nutshell (V, MA) Scene from Amor Fati: Mulder is
prodded back to consciousness.

Cincinnati Sunlight (V, MSR) When a partnership changes,
what does it take to get used to the latest developments?

Conceded (MSR, NC-17) My first romp into the hazy realm of
smutland. Not a whole lot in the thought or plot department
here: Mulder, Scully, one hotel room and one bed. I know, I
know...talk about a fanfic cliche, but I just couldn't resist!

Dementia (Biogenesis fic) I simply can't believe that Mulder is,
if you'll pardon my French, that big a fucking moron as to sleep
with that bitch or even welcome her happily into his bed after
everything that's happened, regardless of how CC & Co made it
look. So this is my version of events after Diana got off the
phone with CSM at Mulder's apartment.

Encounter at the Counter (MSR) Pure FWP (fluff without plot). To
be entirely honest, I've been overwhelmed by the outstanding
positive responce this story has recieved. And here I thought it
was just a convenient way to avoid watching Hyperion Bay!

How She Moves Me (Mulder POV, Post-Ep, Songfic, MA, MSR) Mulder
wades through the mental aftershocks of the Pusher case.

Impasse I: His Prelude to Arcadia (MulderAngst) A prelude to
Arcadia from Mulder's POV. My own little effort to redeem
Mulder's sorry ass after the disgraceful way he treated Scully
in One Son and a little peek into how their Arcadian assignment
came about.

Impasse II: Her Prelude to Arcadia (ScullyAngst) A prelude to
Arcadia from Scully's POV. Hmm...anyone else get the feeling
that Scully was the one that accepted the Arcadia case? My own
little look into how and why this might've came about along with
some insight into why Bitch!Scully was on the rampage in this
episode (not that I blame her!).

Impasse III: Their Prologue (ScullyAngst, Major UST) Mulder
comes to a startling conclusion and Scully attempts to deal with
her unexpected reaction to her partner's close physical
proximity while undercover in Arcadia.

Impasse IV: Her Epilogue to Arcadia (ScullyAngst, Heavy UST)
Mulder attempts to test his new-found hypothesis over dinner.

Impasse V: His Epiloque to Arcadia (MSR, RST) Scully turns the

Inside His Delirium (Biogenesis fic, Companion to 'Dementia',
MulderAngst) I refuse, I just REFUSE to believe that Mulder
would crawl back to Diana after how much closer he and Scully
have been getting, so to ease my shipper mind I have devised my
own version of what happened at Mulder's apartment.

Interrupting My Focus (UST, Scully POV) Scully's thoughts during
the batting scene in the Unnatural.

Iscariot (MA, Character Death) Welcome to the price of betrayal...

Like the Rain (V, MSR, Mulder POV) How can you not like the

Little Deaths (V, A) Mulder and Scully finally air some issues..

Red for Redemption (UST, Companion to 'Interrupting My Focus',
Mulder POV) Mulder's contemplates his means for redemption
during the batting scene in the Unnatural.

To Make You Feel My Love (Songfic, MSR) Scully's engaged, will
the discovery of Mulder's secret change her mind?

Under the Branches (MSR, UST, Scully POV, H, Companion piece to
Beneath the Leaves) Moose and Squirrel get distracted...

Wish You Were Here (Character Death, Songfic) The plot implied
by the Mark Wills song of the same title. Have the Kleenex

Wrong Verse (MSR, MA, NC-17) Mulder makes the right move
for the wrong reasons.
Works in Progress

A Stitch in Time (WIP, MSR) A visitor from the future raises
some interesting questions. Will the agents discover the truth
before it's too late?

Love Walks In (WIP, MSR, Songfic) Scully's got a secret; how far
will Mulder go to get her to share?

Team Seven (WIP, S, X-File) The apprehension of a suspect goes
horribly wrong.

The Mall (WIP, Responce to a Challenge from the MSR-SMUT List,
will be NC-17) The Challenge: Scully taking Mulder on a shopping
trip. While fitting a teddy sex ensues. This is my answer!

T.N.G. (WIP, MSR, X-File, S) With the help of two young agents,
the dynamic duo races to recapture the elusive Donnie Pfaster
before he can move in on his primary target: Agent Scully.

I run a non-X-Files fic archive called the Doyle Cult of Resurrection.

I also write non X-Files poetry. If you're interested you can
check out some of my works here.

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